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Accessories for Cirrus

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Straight Connector

Straight Connectors join two sections of Cirrus Channel.

Product   Type
C - SC
C Channel   SC Straight Connector

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Wire Clip

Use Channel Wire Clips to conceal and manage product wires.

Product   Type
C - WC
C Channel   WC Wire Management Clip

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Mounting Clips

C-MCL Channel Mounting Clips, are provided with every 18" of Cirrus Channel.
C-MCL-075 rotates Cirrus Channel up to 75 degrees.
C-MCL-90 mounts Cirrus Channel at a 90 degree angle.
C-MCL-SL locks Cirrus Channel in place.

Product   Type   Finish
C - MCL - Standard
(Leave Blank)
C Channel   MCL Mounting Clip   075 Adjusts 0-75°
90 90° Mounting Angle
SL Slide Clip

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Drop Ceiling T-Bar Clip

Drop Ceiling T-Bar Clip mounts to Cirrus Channel for installation on T-Bar grid ceilings.

Product   Type   Finish
CC Channel Cirrus   TBAR 9/16" and 15/16"   W White
B Black

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Cirrus Channel Slim Profile Junction Box

The Slim-Profile Junction Box with hanger bars mounts to studs spaced between 14.5"- 25" apart behind drywall. Allows low voltage DC wires from remote power supply to connect to channel wires. The junction box opening is covered by the fixture for a clean, safe connection. Includes a goof plate, for poor plastering around j-box, which may be plastered and painted.

System   Size   Product
C - 1RE - JBOX
C Channel   1RE 1" Rectangle   JBOX Junction Box

Additional Photos:

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Channel L-Shield for Cirrus Wall Wash and Wall Grazer

The Channel L-Shield mounts to the ceiling along the Cirrus Wall Wash or Cirrus Wall Grazer fixtures (with C-1RE-JBOX only) to shield light brightness from view.

System   Product   Length   Finish
C - L2.5 - 10FT - WH
C Channel   L2.5 L- Shield 2.5" Height   10FT 10 Feet   WH White