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Illuminate A Spectacular Space

Infuse Emotion Into Architecture & Design
From complimentary to analogous colors, basic design principles offer endless design inspiration when creating the perfect scene. Immerse yourself in the colors of the sea with soft blues and blue-greens, envelope your room with the golden glow of the sunset with amber, soft pinks and golds. Achieve the emotion you aspire for by illuminating with Pure Smart TruColor™ RGBTW and color theory.
Pure Color. Pure Emotion.
Infusing the room with your desired emotion starts with color. Use the Color Wheel as your guide.
TruColor™ RGBTW features 85,000 white tones to achieve one of the widest and accurate tunable white spectrums available. Our tunable white gives you access to the warm glow of the sunset (1500K-3000K golden hour) to the white light of the mid-day sun (5700K) and beyond. Energize your days with bright, white light...relax in the evenings with golden illumination. Promote a healthy Circadian rhythm and experience the beauty of natural white in its purest form.
Layer Your Lighting
Illuminate Using Multiple Types Of Architectural And Decorative Lighting
Once you’ve considered your color palette, determine the layers of lighting in your space and how you will utilize them to add depth and dimension to the room. Combine architectural lighting with decorative pendants, task lighting, floor and table lamps to complete your space. Change your life by changing your lights.

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