Welcome to PureEdge Lighting


60 Minute CEU Presentation
This is an introductory course that offers a comprehensive overview of designer low voltage LED lighting systems. Learn why, when and how to take advantage of the best qualities of LED lighting technology; designing with systems.
50 Minute Full Line Presentation
PureEdge Lighting Product Updated Presentation. Learn about product new products and updates to the existing catalog for 2020. Ideal for people already familiar with PureEdge Lighting or people seeking an introduction.
25 Minute Full Line Presentation
This brief product presentation will focus specifically on new products debuts for 2020.
25 Minute New Product Course
This brief product presentation will focus specifically on the new Lazer Line product family. Learn how to build a specification and quote. Explore appropriate application for these products
PureEdge Lighting's Mission is simple: Build the tools that allow our customers to be both the lighting and fixture designer. Assist them in creating solutions that push the boundaries of lighting design allowing endless creativity and personalization.