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Light and Wellness

Tune Your Lighting For Circadian Rhythm
From sunrise to sunset, light wakes us up, energizes us throughout the day, and relaxes our mind and body in the evening. We need a bright white light during the day to encourage alertness and productivity. As the day turns to evening, we tell our bodies to prepare for nighttime with a warmer, golden light. Pure Smart TruColor™ RGBTW can reproduce color at any intensity from a warm 1500K to a cool 6500K which is needed for a healthy 24-hour light/dark cycle.
A Full Spectrum Of Color
The Right Shade Of White For The Right Time of Day
TruColor™ RGBTW features 85,000 white tones to achieve one of the widest and accurate tunable white spectrums available. Our tunable white gives you access to the warm glow of the sunset (1500K-3000K golden hour) to the white light of the mid-day sun (5700K) and beyond. Energize your days with bright, white light...relax in the evenings with golden illumination. Promote a healthy Circadian rhythm and experience the beauty of natural white in its purest form.
2000K Image
4000K Image
Lighting Tuned for Wellbeing
Full Control Over Your Environment
WiZ Pro offers complete control using the dashboard on your desktop, the WiZ app on your mobile device, wall controls, and integrates with all current voice assistant technology.
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There is Magic in
the Light