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Illuminate with TruColor™ RGBTW

What is TruColor?
TruColor™ RGBTW by Pure Smart sets a new standard in color changing LED’s. Using proprietary 5-channel color mixing, we’ve been able to produce a highly accurate, wide spectrum (1500K-6500K) light engine that closely follows the black body curve with a DUV of .0037, CRI above 94, and R9 above 90.
Immerse Yourself In Pure Color
Illuminate Using Colors Found In Nature
TruColor RGBTW can achieve one of the widest and most accurate tunable white spectrums available giving our customers access to the warm glow of the sunset (1500K-3000K golden hour) to the white light of the mid-day sun (5700K) and beyond. Promote a healthy Circadian rhythm and experience the beauty of natural white light in its purest form timed for morning, noon, and night.
2000K Image
4000K Image
Experience well-being as you immerse yourself into the rejuvenating light of mother nature.
Illuminate your space with a warm amber glow, and bathe yourself in the ambient essence of sunrise and sunset.
When the sun whispers goodbye in a soft amber glow, remember to take a breath

There is Magic in
the Light