Accessories for Cirrus Channel Suspension

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2 Inch Round or Square Canopy with Junction Box

The Cirrus Channel Linear Suspension includes a 4 inch Square Canopy; however, the 2 inch Round or Square Canopies are additional canopy options that can be ordered as accessories. The 2 inch Round or Square Canopy with Junction Box includes a special plaster ring that fits on a 4 inch square or octagon Junction Box.

Ordering Code

Product   Size   Type   Finish
CCS Cirrus Channel
  2SQ 2.8" Square
2RD 2.8" Round
  JBOX Junction Box   SN Satin Nickel
CH Chrome
BZ Antique Bronze
SA Satin Aluminum
BK Satin Black
WH White


Cirrus Suspension Adjustable T-Bar Clip

Cirrus Suspension Adjustable T-Bar Clip mounts rigid or adjustable Cirrus aircraft cables to T-Bar grid ceilings. Available as adjustable power and non-power versions.

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Options   Finish
CS - TBAR - A - W
CS Channel Suspension   TBAR 9/16" and 15/16"   A Adjustable
AP Adjustable Power
  W White
B Black


Channel Suspension Swag Hook

The clear plastic Swag Hook extends a cable to an electrical box that is not located directly above desired fixture location.

Ordering Code

Product   Type
CS Channel Suspension   SWAG Swag Hook


New Construction Junction Box Cover

Included with the 2 inch round and square canopies and is not required for the 4 inch square canopy. May be ordered separately as a rough-in component or replacement part. New Construction Junction Box Cover mounts to a standard 4 inch electrical box or octagon box, converting to a 2 inch plaster ring for new construction.

Ordering Code

Product   Type
NC2 New Construction 2"   JBOX JBox Cover

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Channel Suspension Adjustable Swag Hook - Click to Enlarge

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Channel Suspension Adjustable Swag Bar & Hook

The Adjustable Swag Bar and Hook allows a cable to form a straight connection to the channel when the Power Canopy is not located directly above the fixture. Use when you have two or more power supply and canopies on the same fixture run. The Adjustable Swag Hook is compatible with the 2R, 2S, and 4S Power Canopies (Canopy not included).

Ordering Code

Product   Type   Finish
CS Channel Suspension   ADJ-SWAG Adjustable Swag Hook
DP-ADJ-SWAG Dual Post Adjustable Swag Hook
  SN Satin Nickel