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Lazer Line Direct Or Direct/Indirect Suspended LED Lighting System, 24VDC - Remote Power

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An original, ground-breaking product design from PureEdge Lighting - backed by over 30 years of precision manufacturing.

Lazer Line 1/2" wide aluminum tape is a Direct and/or Indirect LED Lighting System that provides general illumination in architectural applications. The turnbuckles can be mounted wall to wall, ceiling to floor, or ceiling to wall. The turnbuckles allow Lazer Line to be positioned 0-60° relative to the mounting surface, creating a 3-dimensional appearance that is as functional as it is visually interesting. Mounts to standard 4" square junction box with round plaster ring, Paint canopy to blend into wall for a seamless look. For compact shipment and storage, Lazer Line coils like a retractable tape measure. When uncoiled, Lazer Line becomes a 0.5" wide, channel that spans opposing surfaces. The channel is easily cut in the field. For longer runs, feed power from both ends.

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