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Tubo Small With Fast Jack Canopy 24VDC Remote Power, Integrated LED, Static White & Warm Dim Technology

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The Tubo Small with Fast Jack (FJ) Canopy is an 8-watt luminaire that delivers up to 485 lumens blending practical technology with minimalist aesthetics making the most out of ceiling space while exhibiting a simple, modern design. The Low Voltage, FJ Connector allows you to choose from various monopoint and multiport canopies. This 24VDC fixture is precision-engineered with a flat-back cylindrical design housing the heat-sink, LED module, and integrated driver offering 360° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical aiming. Available in five Color Temperatures including Warm Dim (30D), that dims from 3000K-1800K exhibiting designer-grade color rendering as high as 98 CRI and R9-99. Offered in multiple beam spreads that can be changed in the field. With every element designed to be slender and unobtrusive, the Tubo Small provides superb illumination and functionality within a small package. For custom quotes and layout assistance, send your drawings and ideas to our design team:

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