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Lighting In Every Color Creates Energy For This Corporate Lounge

Location: HubSpot in Cambridge, MA

Lighting System: Pure Smart™ Flex Neon LRUDR8 in TruColor™ RGBTW

Lighting Designer: Kelly Carls, Principal - Specification Sales

Modern architectural lighting was needed for the Executive Lounge at HubSpot, a well-known software company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Like their product, the interior aesthetic is innovative and cutting-edge. Kelly Carls, Principal at Specification Sales, infused color to bring energy and ambiance into the space. Pure Smart Flex Neon (LRUDR8), connected by WiZ Pro, in TruColor RGBTW was chosen to bring the walls and ceiling to life.
Our patent-pending Flex Neon bends left/right or up/down with a 0.80" Round lens, offering superior color rendering while creating uniform illumination without pixelation. It can be surface mounted with clean end-caps and no canopy, or flush mounted.
Originally, Flex Neon was specified in RGBW. Pure Smart was presented as a great alternative that would give the client their desired functionality in controlling the lighting. Pure Smart wall controls were used to simply control the lighting and its color within each space providing multiple color scenes on specific schedules. Pure Smart architectural lighting features TruColor RGBTW which gives designers and their clients 16+ million saturated and secondary colors to choose from, as well as 85,000 tunable white tones.
"My client wanted individual controllability but not the overcomplicated interfaces and high price tag of typical DMX systems in commercial spaces. Pure Smart lighting and controls is a great solution to integrate color-changing into a space with controllability that tech savvy consumers expect"
- Kelly Carls, Principal, Specification Sales