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Elegant Lighting Highlights Architectural Ceiling Shapes

Location: Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance - Cincinnati Ballet

Lighting System: TruLine 1A

Design Firm: GBBN, Cincinnati

Lighting Designer: Jennifer Curtis and Kaci DeLong, Principals, LightHive

The Cincinnati Ballet built a new 57,000 sq. ft. building with a multitude of spaces dedicated to retail, gathering, eating, training, costume creation, and dance. New lighting was one of the client’s top priorities and needed to meet many requirements, such as light quality, for these various spaces as well as exude the style and aesthetic the client was looking for.
Designers Jennifer Curtis and Kaci DeLong of LightHive wanted clean lines of light that complimented the architectural lines that were already there. The lighting needed to look seamless with no canopies or wires. The architect wanted to highlight the ceiling with lighting that brought your eye upward. Truline, our 5/8” recessed plaster-in drywall linear lighting system, was chosen for framing the exhibit space and illuminating the room while also providing task lighting to highlight specific displays. The sleek, linear lighting outlines the architectural angles of a ceiling portal in the lobby providing a glimpse of activity from a second floor studio, shown below. This use of TruLline is an exceptional example of line, shape, and light married together to create an architectural work of art.
There were lighting challenges that the design team needed to solve. The lobby space needed additional foot candles without filling the ceiling with more lights. The objective was to have a clean ceiling with minimal visual obstructions to keep inline with the client’s design direction: modern, elegant, minimalist. TruLine provided ample lumens to illuminate the large lobby space and displays with minimal fixtures recessed into the ceiling.
"TruLine allowed us to seamlessly contour and highlight the architectural elements in the space. It's a beautiful linear lighting system that is both light AND architecture...when you have both, it makes such an incredible impact"
- Kaci DeLong