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Industrial Lighting Flowing From One Room To The Next

Location: Charter Communications Headquarters

Lighting System: Pipeline Modular Suspension

Lighting Designers: Scott Herrick, Principal, Spark Studio Lighting Design LLC, Jess Marshall & Justine Parrish, Spark Studio Lighting Design LLC

Charter Communications, a telecommunications and media company, hired Spark Studio Lighting Design LLC to assist in building their new headquarters from the ground up. One of the areas in need of a creative lighting solution was a fitness center for employees. It is a large space with multiple rooms, various types of ceilings, and ceiling heights. The lighting design team knew there would be a challenge in lighting these various spaces consisting of open ceilings with exposed pipes and vents, drywall, grid and baffle ceilings. A lighting system was needed to traverse these many spaces while meeting the lighting requirements for various ceiling heights and equipment clearances. Pipeline Modular Suspension was chosen to be the continuous lighting system throughout.
Pipeline Modular Suspension is a lighting system with an industrial aesthetic designed to mimic the round profile of pipes. Its modular round channels come in various lengths with multiple patented connector options, allowing the system to move throughout the space and go up, down, and around ceiling obstructions. This system is ideal for open ceilings where conduit, ducts, pipes, and HVAC systems exist. Because the fitness area had open ceilings with exposed pipes and vents, an industrial-looking lighting system was desired for a cohesive feel. Pipeline was used in the front lobby and throughout the fitness area, as well as in a multi-purpose room/yoga studio. Its modular and flowing design made it easy to go from room to room, and over and around existing ceiling structures.
Adequate lighting posed a challenge due to the varying ceiling heights, fitness equipment height clearances, and zonal lighting requirements. Pipeline’s flexible nature allowed the design team to play around with flow and elevation. Its modular pieces and rotatable channels made it easy to determine the right lighting layout. 3000K with dimming and louvers were chosen to ensure perfect light levels for every activity.