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Warm Dim Technology

While LEDs offer the latest in energy efficient lighting, it is important to choose the type that best conforms to your space. Needs differ whether it is commercial or residential, and requirements will vary from room-to-room. Static white LEDs suffice in some applications, but they do not placate to our circadian rhythm. A solution to consider - particularly in hospitality and residential spaces - is dim-to-warm or Warm Dim technology.
Warm Dim vs. Standard LEDs
Warm Dim
  • LEDs shift to a slightly warmer color temperature as they are dimmed down
  • Replicates the effects of incandescent and halogen light sources
  • Look for the icon on PureEdge product pages that offer Warm Dim technology
Standard LEDs
  • One color temperature
  • Slight color shift when dimmed
Experience The Warm Dim Difference
Warm Dim is an advanced LED technology that gradually produces warmer color temperatures as the lights are dimmed down, replicating the effect of halogen and incandescent light sources.

Standard LEDs only produce a slight cool/blue color shift when dimmed. During evening hours, the static color temperature can make us feel more awake and work against our circadian rhythms.

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