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Set the Mood

Discover how LED lighting transforms a space. Standard LED lights have a slight color shift to become cooler and bluer in color and decrease in brightness when they are dimmed; naturally working against our circadian rhythms to make us feel more awake during evening hours. This energy-efficient technology has exposed new design possibilities. LED technology continues to evolve, our Soft Strip now includes Tunable White and Warm Dim technology to work in-sync with our body’s natural rhythm, rather than against.

Warm Dim allows LED lights to dim down to a warmer color temperature, replicating the effects of incandescent and halogen light sources, while Tunable White allows the selection of any color temperature from a warm 2000K to a cool 4000K.

   Standard LEDs
  • One color temperature
  • Slight color shift when dimmed
   Warm Dim
  • LEDs shift to a slightly warmer color temperature as they are dimmed down
  • Replicates the effects of incandescent and halogen light sources
   Tunable White
  • Allows freedom to choose any color temperature, allowing the creation of a wide range of moods within a room, between 4000K bright, white daylight to 2000K warm amber glow of sunset
  • Shifts from day to a warm evening glow when programmed to an astronomical clock
  • 4000K LEDs provide bright, white light to boost alertness and energy during the day, while 2000K LEDs cast the softly diffused amber glow of sunset, recreating when the sun reaches its magical Golden Moment in the evening.
Click on the standard, Warm Dim or Tunable White selections below to see how LED lighting can transform a space.