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Pix Sticks Tie Stix MIYO With Remote Power, Design Your Own Static White, Warm Dim & Dynamic Tunable White

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Pix Sticks Tie Stix Suspension captures the essence of modernity, elegantly refined powerfully illuminated abstract configurations create an alluring union of fine metal and hard wood that demand attention. Our innovative Make-It-Your-Own system allows you to become the lighting designer. Easily fine-tune the angles and alternate the heights, to create a cascade of illumination that compliments any space. Mix & match your channel lengths or keep them all the same, available in multiple standard increments from 39" - 96", either 5 and 7-watt per foot, and several wood and metal finish options. Offered in multiple color temperatures, including two Warm Dim options of 2700K (27D) or 3000K (30D) that dim down to 2000K and the latest in LED technology; Dynamic Tunable White (2K6K or 27K6) which gives you full control over the color temperature and intensity independently through dimming. 24VDC Remote power supply is required and sold separately. Made in America, Designed By Gregory Kay. Includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom lengths, finishes, quotes and layout assistance, email our design team:

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