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Pix Sticks Tie Stix 24VDC With Power

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The Pix Sticks Tie Stix Suspension projects the essence of modernity and contemporary design. An alluring blend of sleek metal and beautiful wood finishes that demand attention. Capable of elegantly designed and powerfully illuminated abstract configurations, its 1.24-inch linear channels intersect at alternate heights casting down-light illumination to complement a variety of modern spaces. Choose from 2-9 sticks each between 39" to 96" in length, and from multiple color temperatures all down lit through Diffused White lenses. Optional Warm Dim technology comes in both 2700K (27D) and 3000K (30D) allowing you to dial in the familiar glow of a dim incandescent or halogen light. Select from a variety of Channel, Hardware and Canopy Finishes to complete the look. Contains high 85+ or 95+ CRI LEDs. Comes with a metal canopy (12" for 2-5 stick fixtures or 16" for 6-9 stick fixtures). Each fixture comes with 12 feet of adjustable cable. For custom designs and quotes, send drawings to

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