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Stomp Strip, Tunable White 24VDC With Pins, Soldered Leads or Snap & Light Connectors

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Can't Stomp Me Out
Our Low Voltage Tunable White Stomp Strip is highly durable, designed to withstand the harsh elements of a job site, and precision engineered to provide superior color rendering up to 94+ CRI. Tunable White 2000K-6500K (2K6K) or 2700K-6500K (27K6) grants independent control and adjustment of color temperature and intensity from 2000K (Sunset) through 6500K (Day Light White). Tunable white lighting visually, biologically and emotionally contributes to human interaction with the physical world. Human centric lighting (HCL) builds on this technology bringing the dynamics of natural daylight indoors, and delivering a positive effect on human health, wellbeing and performance. Stomp Strip is used for our BIY (Build-it-Yourself) & DIY (Do-it-Yourself) fixtures and systems.

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