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Twist Strip 3.3W 24VDC High Output, Commercial Grade (95+CRI)

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Commercial-grade 24 volt Twist Strip uses high CRI LEDs for superior color rendering and bends up to 90° for installations requiring horizontal bends. The .4" wide flexible copper strip, with an optically clear protective coating, is sold in 10 and 20 foot lengths and can be cut every 4". Snap & Light Power Connector is required and is sold separately (pages 4-5). Additional Snap & Light Connectors (pages 4-5) are also available for making custom configurations. At only 3.3 system watts per foot, this 24 volt system uses an electronic low-voltage or 0-10V power supply (sold separately). Self-adhering Twist Strip mounts to most smooth finished surfaces with industrial strength 3M tape (provided on back of strip); some unfinished surfaces may require screw-in mounting clips (sold separately). Soft Strip is compatible with solderless Snap & Light Connectors. Fixtures include a 5 year warranty.

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