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24VDC Outdoor LED Soft Strip - Commercial Static White (2, 5 Watt)

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Features & Benefits
  • 24VDC LED Soft Strip offers 7 White Color Temperatures including 2700K and 3000K warm dim to 2000K all with High CRI
  • 7 LEDs per cutting increment provides 87.5% efficiency compared to 6 LEDs at 75%
  • 35 LEDs per foot provide uniform light distribution without dots when using a Diffuser Lens. 70 LEDs per foot with Warm Dim
  • 4oz of Copper provides better heat dissipation, less voltage drop
  • Premium, optical Silicone Coating does not fade
  • Water tight screw solderless connections reduce labor during installation
  • Solid State Power Supply offers 85-90% efficiency compared to magnetic at 80%
  • 5 year warranty included

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