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Reveal Wall Wash 2 Tunable White 24VDC Plaster-In LED System

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Our New Generation of the The Reveal Wall Wash illuminates the wall from the top of the ceiling to the floor. Recessed within 5/8" drywall without the need for joist modification. The 24VDC low-voltage system uses PureEdge's superior designer-grade 95+ CRI LEDs rendering art and color in their truest forms while producing uniform brightness. Using the latest in LED technology, Dynamic Tunable White 2000K-6500K (2K6K) or 2700K-6500K (27K6) grants independent control and adjustment of color temperature and intensity from 2000K (Sunset) through 6500K (Day Light White). 2K6K, Ideal for both residential including, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and commercial environments (27K6) including hospitality, healthcare, retail, education and more. Human-Centric lighting promotes, focus, performance, mood, and overall well-being by fine-tuning the emotional effects that light has on the circadian cycle. Installation is easy. Simply mount the slim profile, plaster-in extrusions within the profile of 5/8" or thicker drywall 24" away from the projected wall, position our LED soft-strip within the channel. Connects to the low voltage power supply and then plaster over the edges and paint to match the surrounding surface. The system is sold in 1' increments up to 20' and can be cut in the field to any length. Continuing to redefine the relationship between lighting and interior design, Reveal Wall Wash invokes dramatic yet refined illumination by highlighting art and creating depth of architectural features. The Reveal Wall Wash is offered in multiple wattage and color temperatures: Click here for all Other Color Temperatures. Remote Power Supply is required and ordered separately. Coordinate installation with electrician and drywall contractors. Includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom quotes, email our design team:

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