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T24M Radiant Medium 2-Circuit Magnetic Track Head 24VDC Integrated LED, Static White & Warm Dim Technology

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Our 2-Circuit Magnetic Radiant Medium Track Head forms the perfect marriage of technology and stealth design. This 11-watt Low Voltage 24VDC track head is offered with your choice of multiple beam spreads, as well as three optional, field-changeable optic lenses. The flat-back cylinder with a radiant heat sink swivels 90° vertically and 360° horizontally. Available in 5 color temperatures, including Warm Dim (30D), that dims from 3000K-1800K with a 97 CRI and R9-88. The low voltage track connector is compatible with Magnetic TruTrack and Magnetic Surface Track. Made from Billet Aluminum, producing a high degree of precision and maximum light output within a small package. Radiant Medium is ideal for upscale residential, commercial, and retail environments. 5-year pro-rated warranty.

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