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Pure Smart™ UR96W TW Bridgebox 12V-24VDC, 2 Channel Tunable White, Connected By WIZ Pro

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The Phillips WiZ Pro Type UR TW Bridgebox is a low voltage wireless control module allowing for 2 Channel Tunable White control within the WiZ Pro wireless control ecosystem. No hub or additional equipment required. 12V-24V input voltage, 12V-24V output voltage. Easy wireless dimming and scheduling for energy saving and convenient control. Supports OTA (Over- The-Air) firmware updates. Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dual protocol module which enable local Bluetooth messages for installation and connectivity to WiZ cloud over Wi-Fi network. Only to be used with PSBR Power Supply for Remote Bridgebox (PSBR-96W-24V sold separately) or as a replacement part for WiZ Pro Type UR Bridgebox that is included in PSBB- 96W-WZTW- XX.

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