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Pure Smart TruColor™ G25-E26-9W-RGBTW 120V, 9 Watt Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lamp

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The Pure Smart Wi-Fi enabled G25 smart lamp uses TruColor™ RGBTW Technology – With 5 channels (Red, Green, and Blue + Tunable White) of proprietary color mixing we create over 16 million vivid saturated colors and pastels along with 85,000 tunable white tones. Promote a healthy Circadian rhythm and experience the beauty of natural white in its purest form. Tunable White ranges from 1500K-6500K. Bring out the best of your world by saturating it in 96+ CRI light with TruColorâ„¢ Technology. Dial in just the right ambiance for any occasion just by changing the preset color mode. Harness the beauty of the sunset and paint your living room with the amber glow of the golden hour. Experience life in TruColor™.
  • Controls - Easily control from anywhere with the WiZ app or with the WiZ Pro Dashboard on your computer. At home, experience the convenience of voice control with Alexa or Google Home.
  • Wall Controller - On/Off, Dimming, CCT selection, and scene control. Must use Pure Smart CWW-TW-SCENE-WH wall controller or Wall/Table Battery Remote Controller CWR-TW-SCENE-WH (Sold Separately).
  • WiZ SpaceSense™ - Wi-Fi sensing technology that detects motion from disruptions in the Wi-Fi signal and triggers the lights to turn on or off when you enter or exit the room.
  • Schedule & Automation - Customizable schedules, circadian rhythm, vacation mode, energy monitoring, and predictive maintenance.
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth - Easily setup over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. No hub required.
  • 3rd party log-in and cloud security provide a safe and protected connection. WiZ does not store nor share any personal information.
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