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Luca 3.5" TruColor™ RGBTW 24V CLASS 2, Recessed Wall Wash Downlight

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Experience the radiance of Luca 3.5 Wall Wash, a cutting-edge, 24V Class 2 downlight that embodies its Latin namesake as the "Bringer of Light" a testament to the latest advancements in cutting-edge lighting technology, delivering high performance solutions designed to elevate hospitality, retail, commercial, and discerning residential spaces. Our Luca downlights distinguish themselves with precision optics and exceptional color rendering with TruColor™ RGBTW.

WiZ Pro compatibility seamlessly integrates into the wireless control ecosystem. With the WiZ app, WIZ Pro Dashboard, and smart wall controls from Pure Smart, unlock the full potential of Luca's extensive light color palette. Elevate your lighting experience with superior output, energy efficiency, smart control, and exceptional color consistency.

The Luca Downlight series delivers captivating illumination across a wide spectrum, creating a visually engaging experience within any space. With its extensive range of design and installation options, our Luca 3.5 Downlight is versatile for a wide array of new construction and remodel applications. Moreover, the compact form factor of the Luca 3.5 allows for installation in spaces with limited clearance.

Discover a new era of lighting performance and versatility, where superior optics, lumen performance, and outstanding color consistency converge to transform a space. For personalized quotes and expert layout assistance, share your drawings and concepts with our design team at

Join us in creating a brighter and more sustainable world with Luca 3.5, the ultimate "Bringer of Light."

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