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Light Channel 0.6 DIY Surface Mount 24VDC, Static White & Color, Warm & Pro Dim, Tunable White, RGB, RGBW & RGBTW

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Light Channel .6" DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Surface Mount enhances spaces with depth and dimension, seamlessly integrating into the architecture while delivering premium task lighting for applications like under cabinets, bathrooms, work surfaces, and more. Our slim, aluminum channel extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and ordered in various increments anywhere from 2 to 7 watts per foot. Light Channel is offered in a broad range of wattages and Color Temperatures from 2400K through 4000K, Warm Dim (27D or 30D), Pro-Dim (27KPD or 30KPD), Tunable White (2K6K or 27K6), Dynamic RGB, RGB+White in 2000K (special order in 27K, 30K and 40K), and TruColor™ RGBTW Color Changing RGB with Tunable White 1500K-6500K. Available with a diffused white or clear lens for maximum light levels, both offered with black or white louver options. Includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty. For custom quotes and layout assistance, send your drawings and ideas to our design team:

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