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Light Channel 45° DIY Surface Mount 24VDC LED Do-It-Yourself Dynamic White/Tunable White, Warm Dim, RGB

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Features & Benefits
  • Cut and assemble in field
  • Snap & Light Solderless Connections reduce labor during installation
  • 24VDC LED Soft Strip offers excellent color-rendering inside a slim, paintable aluminum extrusion
  • 5oz of copper provides better heat dissipation, less voltage drop.
  • Surface mount channel is sold in 2', 4', 5', 8' and 10' increments
  • Remote Power Supplies sold separately
  • Warm Dim, Dim-To-Warm: (30D) dims from 3000K to 2000K, (27D) dims from 2700K to 2000K. 5 watt only.
  • Tunable White: 2K6K and 27K6 Variable White Tunable Lighting. Human Centric Lighting 5 watt only.
  • Static White Options: Wattage 2.5W | 5W | 7.5W Kelvin Range 2000K-5700K
  • Dynamic Color: RGB 5W only
  • Static Color: Amber (AAA), Green (GGG), Blue (BBB), Red (RRR)

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