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Cirrus MIYO Rectangle With Lit Corners 24VDC Make-It-Your-Own Suspension, Integral Power, TruColor RGBTW

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Clean linear channels and lit corners form the seamless aesthetic of the Cirrus MIYO (Make-it-Your-Own) Rectangle Suspension. The channels are offered with a diffused white 100° lens. Pure Smart WiZ Pro Type UR Bridgebox is integrated into the canopy allowing for 5-channel, wireless control of the TruColor™ light engine with the WiZ Pro Software suite and Pure Smart Wi-Fi Room Controller. Pure Smart by PureEdge TruColor™ technology uses five channels of tunable LEDs, composed of RGBTW red, blue, green, and Tunable White (1500K-6500K). With our precision engineered, proprietary color mixing, we produce one of the widest, most accurate spectrums available, giving our customers access to the warm glow of the sunset (1500K-2400K golden hour) to the pure white light of the mid-day sun (5700K) and everything in between. TruColor™ LED's achieve an average CRI-Color Rendering Index of 94+ and a Duv of +-0.0021 in relation to the blackbody curve at any point on the spectrum of tunable white CCT. Dynamic Color Changing functionality provides millions of possibilities for intricate customization, rich saturated or secondary colors, and unprecedented ease of installation, making RGBTW the ideal choice for residential and commercial applications. Our MIYO family of fixtures and systems allow you to become the Lighting Designer; offered in multiple finishes and lengths from 8" to 49" up to 94+CRI rendering colors in their truest forms, giving you the ability to design the perfect fixture for any space. Fixture includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom designs and layout, email our design team Made in America.
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