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Cirrus Ceiling Wall Wash With Glare Shield Remote Power, Static White & Warm Dim

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The New Generation of our Cirrus Wall Wash with Glare Shield is precision engineered to block glare and illuminate vertical surfaces from the top of the ceiling to the floor at a 3.3:1 ratio. Available in 5, 7 or 10 watts per foot, with designer-grade 95+ CRI LEDs rendering art and colors in their truest forms. Optional Black or White Louver available for additional diffusion. Mounted 24" from the wall, and offered with a 4" Sq. Split Canopy that mounts on Standard Junction Box or with a Slim Profile Channel Junction Box (C-1RE-JBOX) with no visible canopy on the ceiling to become one with the architecture. Powered by Class 2, 24VDC remote power supplies that can be located up to 40' away or, a 60W ELV power supply that fits within the junction box (ordered separately). Ordered in various increments, from 12"-240". For lengths greater than 240" or making 90° turns contact us for a custom quotation. Fixtures include a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom designs and quotes, email our design team:

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