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Cirrus Ceiling Wall Grazer Wet Location Remote Power, Tunable White

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Our Outdoor/Wet Location Cirrus Ceiling Wall Grazer with Tunable White is precision-engineered to illuminate vertical surfaces from above. Available with a 10° or 20° beam spread in 5 or 7 watts per foot with designer-grade 95+ CRI LEDs, rendering colors and textures in their truest forms. Tunable White 2000K-6500K (2K6K) or 2700K-6500K (27K6) grants independent control and adjustment of color temperature and intensity from 2000K (Sunset) through 6500K (Day Light White). Use with two 0-10V dimmers or, our proprietary Tunable White Controller (CDMX-1) for fast and accurate adjustment with three pre-set scenes (Ordered separately). Support health, performance, and overall well-being using Human-Centric lighting by fine-tuning the emotional effects that light has on the circadian cycle. Mounted 0-4" from the wall, and offered with a Split Canopy that mounts on Standard Junction Box or with a Slim Profile Channel Junction Box (C-1RE-JBOX) with no visible canopy on the ceiling becoming one with the architecture of a space. Powered by Class 2, 24VDC remote power supplies that can be located up to 40' away. Ordered in various increments, from 12"-120". For lengths greater than 120" or making 90 degree turns contact us for a custom quotation. *Remote Power Supplies are Required and Sold Separately. Fixtures include a 5 year pro-rated warranty. For custom designs and quotes, email our design team:

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