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Tunable White DMX Controller And Power Supplies 24VDC Indoor Constant Voltage Power Supplies With Drivers

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The Tunable White Touch Controller offers fast and accurate Color Temperature adjustment and the ability to regulate the Brightness Independently. The modern Glass faceplate features illuminated indicators, and a back-lit night light that softly illuminates the controller when powered off. Designed for Tunable White, and dual-color LED installations within a single zone. The two Vertical Touch sliders are precise and sensitive, allowing you to fine-tune your perfect Color Temperature at any point between 2000K (Sunset) to 6500K (Daylight White) while selecting over 250 levels of Brightness in a smooth, uninterrupted transition. Create Thousands of White Color Combinations while maintaining even Brightness and overall saturation. Easily save three pre-set scenes for different times of the day. Support health, performance, and general well-being using Human-Centric lighting by fine-tuning the biological effects that light has on the circadian cycle using the latest in LED technology. Includes a power adapter that fits behind the controller within a standard junction box and fits inside a standard single-gang receptacle (not for use in a multi-gang box). Use with an insulated, 24 AWG stranded, tinned copper wire (Belden #9841). Power Supplies are Sold Separately. Includes a 5 year pro-rated warranty. To determine the necessary wire gauge use our Voltage Drop Calculator. For custom quotes and layout assistance, send your drawings and ideas to our design team:

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