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Atlas TruColor RGBTW 120VDC, 26W, H Track Luminaire

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Atlas TruColor™ RGBTW is a cutting-edge 120V H-track compatible luminaire designed to cater to both retail and residential environments with high ceilings. This versatile and powerful track head offers an array of features to transform any space. From dynamic color control to seamless integration with Wi-Fi, it's the perfect choice for enhancing any setting. Enjoy the flexibility of three beam spread options, ensuring that your lighting fits your specific needs with precision. Experience the magic of the TruColor™ RGBTW Light Engine, harnessing five channels of tunable LEDs. The integral Wi-Fi-enabled WiZ Pro Driver offers seamless connectivity and control, bringing convenience and efficiency to installation and setup. The comprehensive suite of features includes CCT selection, custom color mixing, dimming, scene creation, grouping, zoning, scheduling, and personalized circadian rhythm settings. With the easy installation and intuitive interface, you can create a tailored lighting experience for your space effortlessly. Suited for use with H 120V track configurations.

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