TruTrack® Single Circuit, Recessed 24VDC

2019 ADEX Award For Design Excellence, Platinum 2019 ADEX Award For Design Excellence, Platinum

TruTrack is a plaster-in recessed 24VDC single circuit track that is only as thick as the 5/8" drywall, which eliminates the concern of hitting studs, and allows more flexibility to make turns along the ceiling. For a complete and clean architectural look, a paintable slot cover is supplied with TruTrack so only the Track Head will be visible once installed.


  • Designed for use with a 24VDC Remote Power Supply up to 40' away
  • With Remote Power Supply, smaller Track Heads can be utilized for a refined look
  • Track Heads come in two options, Warm Dim - 3000K dims to 1900K, 95 CRI or 3000K Standard Dim
  • Track Head Lumen Output from 6 Watts, 539 Lumens to 8.7 Watts, 690 Lumens, with 4 different beam spreads to choose from
  • Track Power Feeds may be ordered in End, Center, L, T, and X, up to 200 Watts before re-feeding, 400 Watts at Center Feed, 100 watts max for soft strip
  • Recessed TruTrack Channel is available in 2', 4', 6', and 8' lengths, with the ability to be cut at the job site
  • White Plastic Cover is included with TruTrack Channel to hide Recessed Track Slot and may be painted to match the ceiling
  • 10 gauge bus bar to help eliminate voltage drop

Finish & Material

  • White Powder Paint
  • Extruded aluminum channel, conductors are a pair of #10 gauge copper bus

Suitable for damp or dry location. Interior use only

Integral LED Lamp

  • 30D (Warm Dim 3000K-1900K) or 30K (3000K Standard Dim)
  • 50,000 Hour Lamp Life

24VDC Power Supplies (Sold Separately)

  • 24VDC Low Voltage Remote Power Supply, from 25-2x200 Watts, for track, Soft strip limit to 100 watts
  • 25 Watts, 100 Watts UL Class 2 or 200 Watts UL 2108
  • 0-10V Dimming (0-10V up to 200 Watts), Remote only
  • Lutron Hi-lume®, Remote only

24VDC Power Supply (Sold Separately): 0-10V Power Supply Comparison Chart
PSB-25W-010-24VDC (25W output)
PSB-60W-010-24VDC (60W output)
PSB-96W-010-24VDC (96W output)
PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC (2X96W output)
PSB-3X96W-010-24VDC (3X96W output)
PSB-4X96W-010-24VDC (4X96W output)
PSB-200W-010-24VDC (200W output)
Lutron Hi-Lume®: Comparison Chart

5 year warranty. 

US Patent Issued

Assembled in America


ETL (Conforms to UL 1598 and CSA 22.2 #250.0), California Title 24: 4th quarter 2018


T24 Warm Dim Track heads Comparison Chart
Radiant Large

Radiant Medium

Tubo Large

Tubo Small

Delta Small

Warm Dim Ordering Code T24-RADL-FL-30D-(BK OR WH) T24-RADM-FL-30D-(BK OR WH) T24-TUBL-FL-30D-(BK OR WH) T24-TUBS-FL-30D-(BK OR WH) T24-DELS-FL-30D-(BK OR WH)
Standard Static White Ordering Code T24-RADL-FL-30K-(BK OR WH) T24-RADM-FL-30K-(BK OR WH) T24-TUBL-FL-30K-(BK OR WH) T24-TUBS-FL-30K-(BK OR WH) T24-DELS-FL-30K-(BK OR WH)

Ordering Code

Single Circuit Track

System   Circuit   Length in Feet   Color
TR24 - 1C - 8FT - WH
TR24 TruTrack Recessed   1C Single Circuit   2FT 2'
4FT 4'
6FT 6'
8FT 8'
  WH White Powder Paint