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Light That Embodies Speed

Location: Xtreme Xperience, Chicago

Light Fixtures: Lazer Line

Creating an emotional experience as you walk into the lobby at the Xtreme Xperience headquarters downtown Chicago was the challenge presented. With its incredible fleet of super cars, Xtreme Xperience is the largest nationally-renowned driving and racing school, offering anyone the chance to drive fast in an engineering masterpiece. PureEdge wanted to capture the exhilaration one feels when driving on the track using light, and the award-winning Lazer Line was the perfect fixture to accomplish this. Its lazer appearance, stretching from one wall to the next, visually implies what Xtreme Xperience represents...speed.
The lobby ceiling was the perfect canvas for Lazer Line because it created immediate visual interest. The LED lights replicated the corporate colors, creating a branded and dimensional effect. "The concept was Xtreme Xperience...they are race cars, they go fast. They needed the perfect product for the entry way. When his customers walk in, they immediately see the extreme fits his image. Lighting was a great way to identify with his company" said Gregory Kay, CEO, PureEdge Lighting. "We strive to make every lighting project inspirational. At PureEdge, we are your advocate in creating the spectacular."
"You can't have a garage full of Lamborghinis and have an office of can lights. I want our client to walk in and be dazzled by our environment. I also want them to feel the Xtreme Xperience brand as soon as you walk in the door" said Adam Olalde, CEO/Founder, Xtreme Xperience.