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Suspended Illumination Compliments A Restaurant Renovation

Location: Crave Restaurant in Akron, OH

Lighting System: Lazer Line

Architect: John Wheeler, Architect, Wheeler Boltz Architects

Electrical Engineer: Rick Quinlan, President, EPIC Engineering Group

Crave, a popular restaurant in Akron, Ohio, moved to a new landmark building location. The historic building offered 8,000 square feet and two stories for the restaurant to dazzle its clientele. For the new space, traditional lighting installed into a ceiling would not be feasible. John Wheeler, of Wheeler Boltz Architects, creatively illuminated the restaurant with modern suspension lighting. Lazer Line Suspension was chosen to span from wall-to-wall over the dining and bar spaces. The turnbuckle installation ensured that the renovated ornate plastered ceiling would not be damaged. The space is a perfect blend of old, historic craftsmanship and modern architectural elements.
Our patented Lazer Line creates a paradigm shift in how we design and use lighting within a given space. Lazer Line can traverse from wall-to-wall or wall-to-ceiling, up to 60 ft. before refeeding, with no visible pixelation or the need for a lens due to the remote phosphor technology in our lazer strip. The stainless steel channel is fastened and tightened by turnbuckles which can then be plastered into the wall or ceiling for an even more seamless look. Lazer Line allows for direct illumination, indirect illumination, or both, achieving beautiful ambient uplighting, functional task lighting, and general illumination. Crisscross Lazer Line to add dimension to your ceiling or use different colors to create a futuristic effect!
Lazer Line features a 0.5" wide LED tape that is suspended and tightened with our patented turnbuckles. The new turnbuckle design features a smaller canopy and a 'multi-spoke' configuration for multiple suspended lines of light. Lazer Line illuminates at 542 lm/ft at 3000K, 6W per ft. and a 120-degree beam angle with no visible pixelation. Ease-of-installation makes Lazer Line a designer favorite and gives any space a futuristic, modern aesthetic.