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A Linear And Angled Design Representing Customer Connections

Location: McCormick Distribution Center

Lighting System: TruLine 1.6A

Rep Agency: OmniLite

Designer: Aaron Smith - TBC - Baltimore, Maryland

McCormick's Maryland Distribution Center is a new, 1.8 million-square-foot state of the art facility and is the company's largest distribution site in the world. Products arrive from around the globe and ship out again to customers all over the continent. Aaron Smith and his design team from TBC created a linear lighting concept to represent McCormick's global distribution and the customer connections made.
TruLine 1.6A, our recessed 5/8" plaster-in lighting system, was chosen to illuminate the lobby. The 2-story walls were a blank canvas for TBC and McCormick to create a stunning work-of-art. The TruLine channels connect flawlessly at various angles and continuously flow from wall-to-wall. TruLine in tunable white was selected
Let the drywall be your canvas! TruLine, a recessed plaster-in 5/8" drywall linear lighting system, is a patented, architectural lighting solution and a designer favorite as it allows the drywall to be your canvas, illuminating walls and ceilings with beautiful lines, angles, and unique patterns.
The slim extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and ordered in 1-foot increments (up to 40 feet before re-feed-ing). Multiple runs of channel mount flawlessly together provid-ing smooth and glare-free general illumination from ½" to 1.6" wide using designer-grade color rendering LEDs (94+ CRI). Pu-reEdge outshines the competition with TruLine's ability to create evenly lit Xs, Ts, and custom angles, and can easily join the wall and ceiling together.
"All of the linear lines of light had to connect back to the company logo. We gave PureEdge specific measurements and they pre-cut each channel to fit perfectly onsite"
- Aaron Smith, TBC