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An Aura Of Soft Illumination Completes This Penthouse Renovation

Location: Gulf of Mexico - Private Residence

Lighting System: Stomp Strip and Light Channel Millwork

Lighting Designer: Monika Oberer, Owner of Light Up Your Life, Sarasota, FL

This beautiful penthouse residence overlooking the Gulf of Mexico received a full interior renovation. Monika Oberer, owner of renowned Light Up Your Life in Sarasota, Florida, knew that architectural lighting was needed to bring the many rooms to life. Architectural lighting becomes a part of the architecture as it is integrated into the very structure of the walls and ceilings. Monika chose Stomp Strip in 3000K static white to illuminate the rooms while also creating a cozy home environment filled with warmth and ambiance.
For these custom cabinets, Monika used Light Channel Millwork to infuse golden-toned illumination under each shelf bringing the featured sculptures, plants, and pottery forward. Beautiful forms of art truly shine with designer quality LEDs. Our Light Channel LED strip offers the highest quality and color rendering at 94+ CRI.
Our LED Stomp Strip featured in this residential home illuminates at 553 lumens per foot at 3000K, 4.4W. Stomp Strip is often used for BIY (build it yourself) projects and can be cut onsite and easily installed. Light channel Millwork is a recessed, made-to-order fixture that features a clear or diffused white lens with louver options.
"This was a fun project to work on for me because the Designer and home owner allowed me to give every room comfort and a good feeling once you enter it. Lighting is emotional and it shows well on this job" - Monika Oberer