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Architectural Lighting For An Art Lover

Location: Four Seasons Residences, Boston

Light Fixtures: Cirrus Wall Wash

A sophisticated residence in Boston with a distinctive art collection required a masterful application of light. The challenge presented was to illuminate the wall featuring the art evenly, from floor to ceiling. To achieve the desired look, a wall wash lighting system was needed. The Cirrus Wall Wash was selected to bring the client's art collection to life, bringing it to center stage. Functionality was also imperative throughout this residential space because the client's home was also her office.
The Cirrus Wall Wash is a linear wall wash fixture that is precision-engineered to block glare and illuminate vertical surfaces from the top of the ceiling to the floor. The lighting was needed to enhance the art, not detract from it, so glare control from the sides of the linear fixture was key. The diffused lens cast an even spread of gorgeous light powered by designer-grade 92+ CRI LEDs, rendering art and colors in their truest forms.
This beautiful residential installation is a brilliant example of how architectural lighting can enhance the room, create visual interest, and become an imperative element in achieving our ideal living space. Sergio's masterful use of the Cirrus Wall Wash is reflected in every space within the residence where every wall is a canvas presenting the owner's prized art collection.
"Lighting is the most important element in a space. Lighting design is the combination of art and technology. When done correctly, it makes the space look beautiful, feel comfortable, and functional"