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An Airplane Runway Created with Architectural Lighting

Location: First National Bank Private Hangar, Arkansas

Lighting Systems: 1.6A TruLine and TruTrack with Integral LED Strip (no track heads)

Lighting Designers: The PureEdge Lighting Design Consultation Team

The private hangar for First National Bank requested the assistance of PureEdge Lighting and their design consultation team to create a runway design sketched on paper. The client had a vision: bring the airplane runway 'look' into the waiting area using linear architectural lighting. The team was there to support them from concept to completion.
TruLine was chosen for the edges of the runway, but the dashed center line posed a challenge. TruLine is a continuously lit strip within a 5/8" recessed channel that plasters into the drywall for a clean look. It was originally proposed that TruLine, which is field cuttable, be cut into short strips to replicate a dashed line on the ceiling plane. This method would require a lot of installation time, however, which wasn't cost-efficient. The PureEdge design team recommended using TruTrack which is also a 5/8" recessed lighting system. TruTrack offers a paintable slot cover as well as an integrated LED strip with the same soft, diffused lens that TruLine features. The slot cover was chosen to block the light and visually replicate a dashed line. The slot covers and lenses were measured and pre-determined so they could be cut in the factory before shipping. Using TruTrack allowed for an easy and quick install as it was only one long channel to plaster in. The look created was exactly what the client envisioned. Both systems were ordered at 3000K for cohesive lighting.