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A Seamless Glow From Corner To Corner

Location: Intercontinental San Francisco, Ballroom Renovation

Lighting System: Verge

Specifier: Sixteen5hundred

Lighting Designer: Melinda Morrison Lighting

A transformation was needed within the Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco ballroom. Updating the space would require more than just new carpeting and needed beautiful, modern lighting that was aesthetic yet served a larger purpose.
That purpose? To emulate company branding to whomever occupied the ballroom for an event. The design team wanted to create an experience using light, and Verge was the seamless, 'glowing line of light' they were looking for.
The challenge that lighting designer, Melissa Morrison of Melissa Morrison Design, faced was to find a product that was color changing with no lenses. They envisioned a pocket of glowing light around the perimeter of the room and outlining the doors. There could be no flanges, and they needed a continuous run into corners while looking aesethetically clean. Verge rose up to the challenge.
"With Verge, you didn't see the source, you just saw the surface where the light was grazing across. It seemed like a better solution compared to other product options. Verge was also able to be cut, they had V's and L's...lots of angles. It was nice and flexible" said Melinda Morrison, Principal, Melinda Morrison Design.