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A Geometric Design Creates A Stunning And Meaningful Office Space

Location: Thielen & Green Office - Lino Lake, MN

Lighting System: TruLine 1A

Designer: Thielen & Green Architects

Rep Agency: Davis and Associates

Thielen and Green Architects needed to expand their office space due to the company's successful growth. They moved into an office space that wasn't being utilized by other tenants which gave Thielen and Green a blank canvas to create their ideal interior space. Technology is integral to their process, and they wanted to find a way to represent this identity within their office space while also making a statement. They wanted something subtle, yet dynamic, to challenge one’s understanding of lighting a space, and question how it can be used differently to define it. TruLine was chosen to meet the demands of meaningful, dynamic lighting. The dueling recessed channels bounce back and forth several times transitioning planes and leading your perspective into the meeting space which is visually very reminiscent of circuiting diagrams or schematics. The flush install is impeccably refined, giving this office entryway the final touch in accomplishing a modern aesthetic.
TruLine, a recessed plaster-in 5/8" drywall linear lighting system, is a patented, architectural lighting solution and a designer favorite as it allows the drywall to be your canvas, illuminating walls and ceilings with beautiful lines, angles, and unique patterns.
TruLine blends seamlessly into the drywall becoming part of the architecture. The slim extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and ordered in 1-foot increments (up to 40 feet before re-feeding). Multiple runs of channel mount flawlessly together, connecting walls and ceilings together, and providing smooth and glare-free general illumination using designer-grade color rendering LEDs (94+ CRI) with no visible diodes.
"When we were shown the TruLine system, we knew right away there was no going back. That was our fixture. The design flexibility and aesthetics are an exact match to our brand identity, playing off our 'pitch' of integrating technology into everything we do"
- Kevin Green, Partner