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Vanishing Point Piston LED 12VAC

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The Vanishing Point Piston Plaster-In System with integrated LED offers four distinct mounting options. Drywall Application VR: - Remote Power Supply (Order Separately) NO visible canopy, you will only see the 0.5" connection at the ceiling as the Fast Jack fixture vanishes into the ceiling. You may feed up to thirty 8 watt LED fixtures with 12V remote power supply. V2P - Connection point at ceiling will show a slight outline of the 2.0" round canopy, ELV power supply fits within the J-box. May be painted over to hide 2" round outline of canopy, but will need to be repainted if power supply needs to be replaced. Millwork Application: V2MR - Connection point at ceiling 2.0" canopy sits flush in Millwork ceilings for a clean look; remote power option may feed up to thirty 8 watt LED fixtures. V2MP - Connection point at ceiling 2.0" canopy sits flush in Millwork ceilings with included ELV power supply that fits inside J-box. Two Finish Options.


Satin Nickel


Construction Machined from Billet Aluminum
Mounting Options Fast Jack Monopoint Connection (VR / V2P / V2MP / V2MR)
Lens Field changeable TRI-Lens gives a smooth uniform beam at SP Spot Flood 15°, NF Narrow Flood 25°, FL Flood 35°, WF Wide Flood 45°
Fixture Tilt 90°
Fixture Rotation 360°
Average LED Life 60,000 hrs at normal use
Warranty 5 Years Pro-rated


Lumen Flux 517 Lumens
Lumens Per Watt 58
Total Wattage 9W
CRI 95+


Remote Power VR, V2MR 120-12VAC Remote Power Supply, Class 2 at 60 watts up to 15' away or UL2108 up to 300 watts with transformer up to 40' away. May use up to 30 Piston fixture on 300 watt transformer
Power in Canopy V2P, V2MP 120-12VAC up to 50-Watts ELV power supply fits within the included J-box.
Location Suitable for damp or dry location, interior use only
Approvals ETL, (Conforms to UL1598 and CSA 22.2 #250.0) Class 2 with 60 watt Transformer
Power Supply Requires 12VAC-compatible power source (order separately)
Dimming Dimmable to 1%, percent of flicker <25%. Triac and ELV dimming standard. Compatible with Lutron Diva, Skylark, and Legrand ELV dimmers (Dimmers sold separately).

Assembled in America


US Patent Pending

Ordering Code

System   Type   Fixture   Head / Beam
Spread Lens
VR - FJ12 - PST - NF - 1 - 30K - WH
VR Vanishing Point 0.5" Connector In Drywall, No
Outline of Canopy at connection point, Remote
Power Supply (sold separately)
V2P Vanishing Point 2.0", Slight Outline of 2" Flush
of White Canopy, With Power Supply Included
in J-Box
V2MR Vanishing Point 2" Millwork Flush-Mount
Canopy, Remote Power Supply (sold separately)
V2MP Vanishing 2" Millwork Flush-Mount Canopy, with
Power Supply Included in J-Box
  FJ12 Fast Jack 12VAC   PST Piston   SP Spot 15°
NF Narrow Flood 25°
FL Flood 35°
WF Wide Flood 45°
  1 1" (2.5cm)   27K 2700K Incandescent
30K 3000K Warm White
  WH* White
SN Satin Nickel