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Vanishing Point 12VAC Monopoint Fast Jack Ceiling Connection System

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The Vanishing Point 12VAC Fast Jack Connection System comes in four distinct mounting options. Drywall and Millwork applications. 12V Fast Jack Lighting Fixtures, Controls, and Remote Power Supplies Sold Separately.

Mounting Options:
VR - NO visible canopy you only see the 0.5" fixture stem Vanish Into the Ceiling, can feed power up to 6 fixtures with a 60 Watt Class 2 (Remote Power Supply within 15ft), or up to 30 fixtures using a 300 Watt (Remote Power Supply not included, see page 8 for ordering information).

V2P - Included ELV Power Supply fits within included J-Box. Slight outline of the 2.0" round canopy will be visible. With Power.

Mill-Work Flush-Mount Canopy Systems Options:
V2MR - Millwork flush mount 2.0" Round Canopy sits flush with a Millwork ceiling for a clean look. Can feed up to 30 fixtures with Remote Power Supply not included. See page 8 for ordering information.

V2MP - Millwork flush mount 2.0" Canopy with ELV Power Supply included within J-Box. Round Canopy sits flush with a Millwork ceiling for a clean look. With Power.

Connection Types:
FJ12 - Fast Jack 12VAC Connection

Warranty / Labels:
Prorated 5 year warranty. Assembled in America
ETL (Conforms to UL1598 and CSA 22.2 #250.0)


US Patent Pending

Ordering Code

System   Type   Fixture
VR - FJ12 - WH
VR Vanishing Point 0.5" Connection Drywall, No Outline of Canopy at connection
point. Remote Power Supply
V2P Vanishing Point 2.0" Connection Drywall flush mount canopy outline will show.
ELV power supply included with J-Box
V2MR Vanishing Point 2.0" Millwork Flush-Mount Canopy, Remote Power Supply.
V2MP Vanishing Point 2.0" Flush-Mount Canopy, ELV 60W Power Supply fits in
J-Box, for use with Mill-Work
  FJ12 Fast Jack 12VAC
  WH White
BK Black
SN Satin Nickel
BZ Bronze