Twiggy D1 Hinged Direct 1" Lens Vanity - Tunable White With Remote 24VDC Power Supply

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Twiggy D1 Hinged Tunable White vanity by PureEdge Lighting features an adjustable direct 1" milky White Diffuser Lens that provides uniform, Tunable White light. At 5 watts per foot, the 24VDC Vanity contains commercial-grade, 90+ CRI white LEDs ranging from 2000K-4000K. The Soft Strip can be controlled to operate at either 2000K-4000K, or any color temperature in between. Twiggy D1 is available in various increments from 12” up to 120". May be custom ordered in 3", 5", 8", or 10" increments. It may be ordered with a 4" Square Floating Canopy or 1” rectangular Floating Slim-Profile Junction Box. The system is powered by Dual Remote 24VDC Universal Power Supplies and can be controlled with a variety of dimmers or controls (Sold Separately). Fixture includes a 5 year prorated warranty.


Satin Black
Satin Nickel
Satin Aluminum
Antique Bronze

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Applications (Indoor Only):
Bathroom Vanity, Architectural Lighting, Task Lighting, General Lighting, Cove, Retail, and Closets

The average LED Life is 50,000 hours.

Per Foot (Watts)
Total Output,
per Watt
Total Output,
per Foot
Tunable White*
90+ 5W 80 384
2000K 90+ 2.5W 71 170
4000K 90+ 2.5W 95 227
*When both the 2000K & 4000K Soft Strips are on at full power, light output equals 3000K

24VDC 0-10V Power Supply (Sold Separately):
24VDC 0-10V Power Supply Comparison Chart
PSB-2X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 2x96 watt output
PSB-3X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 3x96 watt output
PSB-4X96W-010-24VDC 120-277VAC input, 4x96 watt output
24VDC Power Supply (Sold Separately):
24V ELV Power Supply Comparison Chart
PSB-2X60W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 2x60 watt output
PSB-2X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 2x96 watt output
PSB-4X100W-ELV-24VDC 120VAC input, 4x96 watt output
24VDC DMX 2XK Tunable White Compatible Power Supply (Sold Separately):
24VDC DMX 2XK Tunable White Compatible Power Supply Comparison Chart
PSB-100W-24VDC-2XK 120-277VAC input, 100 watt output
PSB-2X100W-24VDC-2XK 120-277VAC input, 2x100W output
PSB-3X100W-24VDC-2XK 120-277VAC input, 3x100W output
PSB-4X100W-24VDC-2XK 120-277VAC input, 4x100W output
Lutron Hi-Lume® (Sold Separately):
Comparison Chart
Uni Power Supply (Sold Separately):

Remote Power Supplies*, Dimming & Controls (sold separately):

  • TRIAC Dimming: Single Pole Dual Dimming with dual remote universal power supplies with Lutron skylark controller (sold separately)
  • ELV Dimming: Dual ELV dimming with dual ELV remote power supplies. Two ELV dimmers required (sold separately)
  • 0-10V Dimming: Dual 0-10v dimming with dual universal remote power supplies. Two 0-10v dimmers required (sold separately)
  • Dynamic Color Changing (DMX)
  • Lutron Hi-lume

Assembled in America



Ordering Code

Product   Lens   Canopy   Length In Inches   Color Temperature   Finish
TWH2 - D1 - 1RE - 12IN - 2K4K - SA
TWH2 Twiggy Hinged
Vanity 24VDC
  D1 Direct 1"   1RE 1" Rectangle with Junction Box
(with Remote Power Supply)
4SQ 4" Square
  12” - 120” With power or remote power
(power supplies sold separately)

*May be custom ordered in 3”, 5”, 8” or 10”
increments. See p. 2 For actual lengths.
  2K4K 2000K-4000K Tunable White   SA Satin Aluminum
SN Satin Nickel
CH Chrome (Max 84")
BZ Antique Bronze
BK Satin Black
WH White