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Sol-Light® Warm Dim MR16 12V LED Lamp GU5.3 Halogen Curve Series

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Unlike standard LEDs, SOL-Light Warm Dim LEDs are designed to shift from full brightness (2700K or 3000K) to a warmer Color Temperature (1800K) as they are dimmed down, replicating the effects of Halogen light sources with a CRI of 95+ and a High R9 of 85+. The lamp is a direct replacement for a 12VAC, 50 watt Halogen with 24° (410 Lumens) or 36° (450 Lumens) Beam Spreads. For use in Track Lighting, recessed down lights, and other indoor and outdoor applications. 30,000 hour rated lamp life. Suitable for enclosed fixtures.


  • Two Color Temperatures: 2700K and 3000K. Both dim to warm 1800K
  • Direct replacement for inefficient halogen lamps
  • GU5.3 Base MR16
  • High CRI 95+ and high R9 96+
  • Low blue emission for healthy vision
  • Zero ultraviolet emission, won’t fade colors
  • Beam angles 24° or 36°
  • 30,000 hours rating

Track and Recessed Lighting, Residential, Hospitality, Museum & Gallery, Track Lighting, Desk and Outdoor

LED Lamping
7.73 Watts at up to 532 Lumens at 3000K, two Color Temperatures at 2700K or 3000K (warm dims to 1800K), 97 CRI, R9-85, Rg: 101, Rf: 94, Input Voltage 12V, Max. TC 90° C, Ambient Temperature range -30° to 35° C, Power Factor .92, Inrush Cycle to <1 amp


  • Phase and Power Dimmable, Percent of Flicker <1%
  • Compatible with 12VAC LED Electronic Low-Voltage (use ELV dimmer also called "trailing-edge", or "reverse phase" dimmer ) and Magnetic Low-Voltage Transformers (use MLV dimmer also called "leading-edge" or "forward-phase" dimmer)

Warranty / Labels
3 years/30,000 hour warranty.
Title 24 and JA8 (4th quarter 2018 Compliant), low flicker <1% CE, UL, NOM

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Model # Input Voltage CCT Beam Angle Lumens Lumens Per Watt CRI Wattage Case Finish
MR16-12V-8W-FL-27KWDH-SL 12V 2700K dims to 1800K 36° 390 lm 50 97 7.73W Silver
MR16-12V-8W-FL-30KWDH-SL 12V 2700K dims to 1800K 36° 427 lm 55 97 7.73W Silver
MR16-12V-8W-NF-27KWDH-SL 12V 3000K dims to 1800K 24° 410 lm 53 97 7.73W Silver
MR16-12V-8W-NF-30KWDH-SL 12V 3000K dims to 1800K 24° 450 lm 58 97 7.73W Silver

Ordering Code

Product   Base/Voltage   Wattage   Beam Spread Lens   Color Temperature   Case Finish
MR16 - 12V - 8W - NF - 30KWDH - SL
MR16 MR16 Reflector   12V GU5.3 12VAC   8W 8 Watts   NF 24° Narrow Flood Lens
FL 36° Flood Lens
  27KWDH 2700K Warm Dim
30KWDH 3000K Warm Dim
  SL Silver