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Indoor Constant Voltage Remote Power Supplies 24VDC, PS-60L-ELV


Compact, lightweight remote electronic 60W/24V LED Power Supply* converts standard 120VAC voltage to 24VDC and features a Soft Start, built in short circuit protection, overload protection, and thermal overload protection. The low voltage output may be dimmed using an electronic low voltage dimmer (Reverse Phase/Trailing Edge). The Power Supply is certified to be used inside a standard Junction Box enclosure. Indoor applications only.

*Electrical Panels using Seimens/Murray AFCI breakers are not compatible with this ELV transformer.
Use UNI driver power supplies with this breaker.
**ELV power supplies are not compatible with nLight, use only 0-10 volt or Uni driver power supplies

*Maintain proper spacing among power supplies when multiple power supplies are installed in the same remote location.

Power Input:
120 volts AC, 60Hz

Power Output:
Class 2; 24 volts DC 2.5A 60 watt maximum

2.25" x 1.27" x 0.83"

Dimmer Type:
Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer Lutron: Diva #DVELV-300P; Skylark #SELV-300P; Maestro #MAELV-600; Legrand Adorne ADTP703TU

Intertek Class 2

Ordering Code

Product   Wattage   Dimming   Voltage
PS - 60L - ELV - 24VDC
PS Power Supply   60L 60 Watt   ELV Electronic Low Voltage   24VDC 24 Volt DC

Product   Wattage   Dimming   Voltage   Input
PS - 40W - ELV - 24VDC - 2
PS Power Supply   40W 40 Watt   ELV Electronic Low Voltage   24VDC 24 Volt DC   2 240VAC Input
3 277VAC Input