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Optical Accessories for Port Louver Lens Holder


Port Louver Lens Holder

Louver Lens Holders secure onto front of the lamp holding up two lenses or combination of a hexcell louver and lens. Required for securing louvers, lenses and filters in the Port.

Ordering Code

Accessory   Type
    LLH Louver Lens Holder


Hexcell and Micro Louver

The Hexcell Louver eliminates glare from the light beam.The Micro Louver used in step lighting requires both the louver lens holder #PORT-LLH and Hexcell Louver Micro Louver the 20 degree filter# LF1-20D.

Ordering Code

Accessory   Type
LO11 - H
LO11 MR11   H Hexcell
M Micro Louver


Film Lenses and Filters

Add film lenses and filters to shape beam, change color or adjust color temperatures. Louver lens holder #PORT-LLH required.

Ordering Code

Lens Film   Lens or Color
LF1 - 20D
LF1 Lens Film 1" Diameter   20D Refracts beam 20° down
20K Dichroic 2000K Very Warm White
27K Dichroic 2000K + Color Correction Film = 2700K
ND Neutral Density Filter dims light 50%
RD Red Dichroic Film
BL Blue Dichroic Film
LS Linear Spread


Dichroic Glass Lens

Dichroic lenses operate on a passive-reflective basis, reflecting unused wavelengths while passing wanted portions of spectrum. Dichroics are high in transmission, producing brighter, cleaner, saturated colors. Louver lens holder #SUN3-LLH not required.

Ordering Code

Accessory Lens   Dichroic Color
L16 - RD
L16 MR16   RD Red
YL Yellow
GR Green
BL Blue
PH Peach
MG Magenta
CW Cool White (3100K-4250K)
DB Dark Blue
DP Dark Pink
IN Incandescent (3100-2700K)


Optical Lens

The soft focus lens reduces lamp glare, spread lenses elongate and diffuser lenses diffuse the light beam. UV filter lens allows quality light to pass through while blocking the ultra violet radiation. Louver lens holder #SUN3-LLH not required.

Ordering Code

Accessory Lens   Dichroic Color
L16 - F
L16 MR16   F Frost
SF Soft Focus
MD Medium Diffuser
WD Wide Diffuser
WDF Wide Diffuser Frost
LS Linear Spread
LSF Linear Spread Frost
UV UV Glass