Pipeline Track 2 Circuit Suspension With Up Light Remote Power, End Feed

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Pipeline 2 Circuit Suspension Track with Uplight is a Linear fixture with an integrated LED up light and Track Heads that are controlled independently of one another. Custom-tailor the Pipeline 2 Circuit Suspension to any space instantly by adding Track Heads anywhere along the bottom of the suspension. The Uplight creates a clean, uninterrupted indirect beam of light, available in seven standard Color Temperatures, including Warm Dim (27D) 2700K or (30D) 3000K that dim down to 2000K. The Pipeline 2 Circuit Suspension is compatible with 6 different Pure Edge T24 track heads (refer to pages 5 and 6). The Uplight and Track heads are powered by their own 24VDC remote power supply (ordered separately) that can be located up to 40' feet away. Fixture includes a 5-year prorated warranty. For custom lengths, finishes, designs, and quotes send drawings to design@pureedgelighting.com


  • 5W - 4.4 Watts per Foot, Lengths up to 10ft
  • 95+ CRI 2700K, 3000K, or 3000D Warm Dim


ETL Listed, Title 24 with Universal Power Supply


  • Pre-wired from a Remote Power Supply feeding 24VDC, 96 watts for Up Light and up to 200 watts for Track lighting per circuit at a maximum of 40' away using #12 Gauge Wire
  • Includes adjustable 12' Coaxial Cables

Designed for indoor use only. Ideal environments include commercial, architectural and retail spaces in addition to offices, conference rooms, entrance halls and lobbies.


  • 50,000 Hour Lamp Life

Remote Power Supplies (Order Separately)

  • 0-10 Volt Dimming (0-10V)
  • Universal Power Supplies and Dimming (UNI)

Assembled in America


US Patent Issued

Ordering Code

System   Indirect Lighting
Wattage Per Foot
  Canopy   Nominal
  Indirect Color Temperature   Finish
PSTU2CR - 5WX - 2R - 2 - 30K - WH
PSTU2CR Suspension Track, with Up light, 2 circuit, Remote Power   5WX 4.4 Watts
10mm strip
  2R 2.8" Round Canopy
4R 4.6" Round Canopy
2R2 2 X 2.8" Round Canopy
4R2 4 X 2.8" Round Canopy
VRD Vanishing Point Plaster in system with No Canopy, only
dual cable going through drywall ceiling with GJ24
is visible
  2 2 Feet
4 4 Feet
6 6 Feet
8 8 Feet
10 10 Feet
  22K 2200K Amber White
24K 2400K Very Warm White
27K 2700K Incandescent White
27D 2700K Warm Dim
30K 3000K Warm White
30D 3000K Warm Dim
35K 3500K Neutral White
  BK Black Powder Paint
WH White Powder Paint

**See Page 6 for Track Head information and ordering code.**