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Monorail Fast Jack Heads, Suspensions and Pendants

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PureEdge Lighting’s Monorail has built in flexibility for designers and architects alike to create perfect lighting system. Monorail offers a greater degree of creative freedom than traditional track systems with hand-bendable rail, standoff options, and a wide variety of head, suspension and pendant options to choose from.

The low voltage rail runs power to any Fast Jack 12V fixture you desire, giving you the ability to design your own custom system. Our Fast Jack heads also support warm dim bulbs, creating a relaxing ambiance, while the pendants are dimmable. Use Monorail to create stunning installations by mixing heads and pendants that not only illuminate but enhance your space but create an elegant focal point.For custom design and layout assistance, send drawings to

Components (Sold Separately)
L, T, X and Flexible Connectors
End Caps and Conductive Connectors
Power Feeds and Power Supplies
Fast Jack Connectors
Fast Jack Heads, Suspensions and Pendants

For full Monorail System Components, please see Monorail Systems.