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Flex Neon LRT7 Bends Left/Right 0.7" Three Sided Lens 24VDC Indoor/Outdoor 2W | 5W | 7W
Static White, Warm Dim & Tunable White

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LRT7 Flexible Neon Bends Left to Right with a 0.7" wide three-sided lens, offering superior color quality and performance while creating uniform illumination without visible dots. Flex Neon can be Flush or Surface Mounted. Choose from 9 different color temperatures ranging from 2000K to 3500K, including two Warm Dim options of 2400K (24D) or 2700K (27D) and Tunable White (2K6K). Tunable White technology grants independent control for adjusting LED color temperature and brightness. Use with two dimmers or, our proprietary Tunable White Controller (CDMX-1) for fast and accurate adjustment with three pre-set scenes (Ordered separately). The (W) is an IP67 rated wet location fixture featuring watertight barrel connections. The (S) Seamless (for continuous, seamless runs), is rated for Indoor Damp Locations ONLY and uses Class 2 bare wire connectors. Fixture includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty. Patent pending.

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