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Flex Neon LRF7 Bends Left/Right 0.7" Flat Lens 24VDC Indoor / Outdoor RGB, RGB+W 5W | 6W

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LRF7 Flexible Neon Bends Left or Right with a 0.7" wide Flat lens, offering superior color while creating uniform illumination without visible dots. RGB (Red, Green and Blue), RGB+W (Red, Green and Blue, Plus White) and Static Color. The (W) is an IP65 rated wet location fixture featuring watertight barrel connections. The (S) Seamless, (for continuous seamless runs), is rated for Indoor Damp Locations ONLY and uses Class 2 bare wire connectors. Fixture includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty. Patent pending.

Flat top view 0.7" wide 0.75" high

INPUT 5" wire leads, Remote 24VDC Power Supply (sold separately)
POWER CONSUMPTION 5 Watts per foot, 6 Watts per foot
COMPLIANCE Class 2 Wet Listed with water-tight Barrel Connectors, IP65. ETL/UL, RoHS
POWER SUPPLY Color Changing (DMX) Power Supply 120/277VAC-24VDC, Sold Separately
MAX LENGTH 20ft at 5 watts, 15ft at 6 watts
MOUNTING Clips included every 12"
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -4° F (-20° C) to 122° F (+50° C)
WARRANTY 5 years

Controller For RGB & RGB+W (Sold Separately)
CDMX1-RGBW - Single zone DMX touch controller
CTP - Multiple zone DMX touch controller

Power Supplies With DMX Driver (Sold Separately)
Refer to pages 5-7

Assembled in America


Patent Pending

Ordering Code

System   Viewing Angle
Model Shape
  Wattage   Length
in Inches
  5" Input Wire Feed   5" Output Wire   Environment
FN - LRF7 - 5W - 240 - RGB - E   L   W
FN Flex Neon 24V   LRF7 Left or Right side bend
Flat top view 0.7" x 0.75"
  5W 4.4 watts per foot

6W 6.3 watts per foot
  6-240 (20ft max)
2.4" increments

6-180 (15ft max)
3" increments
  RGB Red, Green and Blue
(5 Watt Only)
RGB+W Red, Green, Blue and White
(6 Watt Only)
  T* Top Power Input Wire
E* End Power Input Wire
L Left Power Input Wire
R* Right Power Input Wire
B Bottom Power Input Wire

*Not available for Seamless indoor
  T* Top Wire Lead Out
E End Wire Lead Out
L Left Wire Lead Out
R* Right Wire Lead Out
B Bottom Wire Lead Out
CA Cap at end, no
feed through

*Not available for Seamless indoor
  S Seamless Indoor / Damp
location bare wire leads
Bottom and Left Feed Only
W Outdoor wet location Barrel
Connector cable leads