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Veil, RGB & Tunable White TruColor™ Ceiling/Wall Plaster-In LED System, 24VDC

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Veil Ceiling/Wall with TruColor™ RGBTW technology is another original and innovative design that comes from the family of Plaster-in 24VDC systems pioneered by PureEdge that recesses within 5/8" drywall, without joist modification. The slim extrusions elegantly emit smooth, ambient illumination through the 3" opening, the paintable backer plate creates a seamless aesthetic blending into the drywall. Veil Ceiling/Wall is fieldcuttable, and sold in 1' increments up to 8'. RGBTW precision engineering combines the versatility of our dynamic RGB color-changing LEDs with the refinement and quality of our Tunable White (2000K-6500K) utilizing TruColor™ technology. Achieve the intimate golden hour with 2000K during dawn and sunset, to the bright white mid-day sun at 6500K, and everything in between. Closely following the black body curve, TruColor™ RGBTW creates beautiful and accurate variations of white light across the spectrum, the way nature intended. Human-Centric lighting promotes performance, mood, and overall well-being by fine-tuning the emotional effects that light has on the circadian cycle. TruColor™ delivers high CRI & R9 paired alongside dynamic RGB color effects providing millions of possibilities, intricate customization, and ease of installation, making RGBTW the superior choice for residential and commercial applications. For Static White, Warm Dim (27D or 30D), Dynamic RGB, and RGB+White, please refer to their respective specifications. This plaster-in LED system brings together a Modern and Dynamic appearance to Residential and Commercial environments, offering unlimited creativity and empowering you to design One-of-a-kind spaces every time. Remote Power supplies are required and sold separately. Coordinate installation with electrical and drywall contractors. Includes a 5-year pro-rated warranty. For custom quotes and layout assistance, send your drawings and ideas to our design team:
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